Cash or Crash Soar into the sky or explode in midair

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Cash or Crash Soar into the sky or explode in midair

Postautor: ratanasrey » 27 mar 2020, 3:09

Soaring into the vast universe of the Space Shuttle became something of a gamble. For example, in the Cash or Crash game, the shuttle will fly into the sky and appears to have some disruption. The crew will have to parachute to survive in an emergency.
Having said that The shuttle will explode for sure in every turn. Players must press the Bet button to bet on the countdown.
When the shuttle ran up Players must press the Cash Out button to allow astronauts The crew in the shuttle parachuted to escape from the explosion. Just jump before the explosion. Equal to the player winning, for example winning at a payout rate of x1.86 equals to betting 1,000 to get 1,860 (including capital)
Normally, how much money a player will win depends on how long the shuttle will go up before clicking Cash Out, which is even longer and then jumping down. Higher pay rate


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